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Surface Solutions Experience

Surface Solutions Inc. is established as one of the most respected oil and gas service providers in western Canada.

Surface Solutions Inc. is established as one of the most respected oil and gas service providers in western Canada. Founded in 1999, SSI prides ourselves on our professional, technical skillset and industry knowledge. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of Surface Solutions goals – we’re not interested in being the biggest company, but in being the best at what we do.

Our accountable leadership and highest quality equipment continue to lead our over 20 years of success and further establish long-standing customer relations.

A History of Innovation

Surface Solutions Inc.’s inception in 1999 came from the need for innovation in Alberta’s oil and gas sector. There was a significant gap between the data acquisition required for optimization and the technology to provide the readings needed for that optimization to occur. 

Throughout the last 20 years, Surface Solutions examined traditional production optimization and invested in ground-breaking technology that provided complete data acquisition. The positive reception from customers around this technology allowed Surface Solutions to grow and continually invest in new technologies. These investments include seven strategic acquisitions for well-gathering data technology, and expanding our operations further into Western Canada.

Surface Solutions Inc. strives to improve our internal processes and is constantly looking into bespoke and niche methods and technology to give our customers the best results. Our technical skills and knowledge base, along with our equipment, allows us to provide highly sought-after services recognized by oil and gas leaders who trust us to do the job—and to do the job well.

Committed to Safety

Surface Solutions is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our workers, the public, and communities we work in. Regardless of the task or job, our first goal is the prevention of accidents, loss or damage of equipment, and personal injury to our employees, clients, the general public, or the environment.

Before any Surface Solutions employee is sent to a site, they undergo complete training regarding safe work conduct. Each aspect of the role is outlined in a detailed procedure the requires sign-off by a supervisor to indicate that all safety processes are understood and meet our high standards. From there, job shadowing with a senior technician takes place, providing a monitored hands-on experience and better visual representation of safe work practices. 

Our track record proves our ability to meet our client’s expectations, work efficiently and uphold industry-leading safety and performance standards. We believe there is no job so important or urgent that sufficient time cannot be taken to do it safely.

Planning and Project Execution

Surface Solutions has sustained over 20 years of experience by providing leadership and quality service that exceed the needs of our customer’s major projects. We take pride in the technology and services we have been able to provide, as customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our goals. Surface Solutions has synergized our technical skill set, equipment, and test procedures with the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 87, the BC Oil and Gas Commission’s Operations Manual, and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources.

Our experience and expertise set us apart. Surface Solutions offers ​​completions, workovers, abandonments, emissions testing, production optimization, and regulatory compliance, including:

  • Data Fracture Injection Test
  • Step-Rate Injectivity Test
  • Pneumatic Controls Measurement
  • Fugitive Emissions Survey
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Pipeline Optimization
  • Gas Migration Testing
  • Packer Isolation Test
  • Surface Casing Vent Flow Test

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Surface Solutions is committed to the highest environmental, social, and governance standards. Our ESG standards apply to every staff member, from the CEO, management, and employees, to our external contractors. As leaders in our industry, we reflect ethical decisions, integrity, and compliance in every aspect of our work. 

We also stand by the enforcement of these standards, with infractions resulting in appropriate disciplinary action, including possible employment termination.

Surface Solutions projects maintain regulatory compliance with national, provincial, and local regulations throughout Western Canada. We comply with all environmental laws and government regulations, ensuring that our teams are equipped with the updated knowledge and skills to protect the environment while performing their duties. Our team members have decades of experience, allowing us to take on the toughest challenges and deliver, without hesitation, successful outcomes for our clients. Working with community members, we establish healthy relationships within our communities.

Quality Equipment and Results

Over the last three decades, Surface Solutions has strived to provide the highest standard of equipment maintenance to meet our client’s expectations, work efficiently and uphold the highest industry-leading standards of workmanship. Surface Solutions equipment acquisition and selection are determined by our knowledgeable staff, who actively anticipate the need for specialty services, challenging geographical limitations, and providing services in often remote worksites.

Surface Solutions constantly assess the world’s leading equipment designers and worksite technology providers to ensure that we are using the latest and safest equipment available on the market. Our established history of providing customers  with long-term, safe, and effective drilling services is a continual source of pride. As the first oil and gas services company to Livestream web-based results, Surface Solutions continues to lead industry reporting through new technologies and extensive cloud-based systems to serve test data.

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