Our Services

Surface Solutions Inc.’s inception in 1999 came from the need for innovation in the oil and gas sector within Alberta. There was a gap between the data acquisition required for oil and gas optimization and the technology to provide the readings needed for that optimization to occur. Taking this gap, SSI examined traditional production optimization and invested in technology that provided completion data acquisition. The positive reception from customers around this technology allowed SSI to grow and invest in new technologies, adding seven additional acquisitions for well-gathering data and expanding operations further into Western Canada.

We take pride in the technology and services we have been able to provide to our customers, as their satisfaction is at the forefront of our goals. SSI continuously strives to do better and we are constantly looking into new niche methods that will give our customers the best results. Our technical skills and knowledge base, along with our equipment, gives us highly sought after services recognized by oil and gas leaders who trust us to do the job and to do the job well.