At Surface Solutions Inc., we believe that there is no job so important or urgent that sufficient time cannot be taken to do them safely.

Those in the oil and gas industry understand the remote nature of the work, along with the types of machinery, technology, and materials worked with. Our goal for health & safety is the prevention of accidents, loss, or damage of equipment, and personal injury to our employees, clients, the general public, or the environment.

Before any of our employees are sent to site, they each undergo thorough training regarding safe work conduct. Each aspect of the role is outlined in a procedure, requiring sign-off by a supervisor to indicate that the safety processes are understood. From there, job shadowing with a senior technician takes place, providing a hands-on and better visual representation of the safe work practices. With the learnings gained from procedures and shadowing, our technicians are then equipped with the knowledge and confidence to work on-site independently.

Our Certifications

We are committed to providing a safe & healthy work environment for all!