Surface Solutions’ Standard Of Safety

Safety is more than a priority at Surface Solutions—it is a core value and behavioral trait each and every member of our team takes pride in.

At Surface Solutions, we strive to improve our safety performance each day. We believe all occupational injuries and illnesses in the oil and gas industry are preventable and that ensuring the safety of our staff, contractors, the public, and surrounding communities is a key corporate value.

Each job is evaluated to identify if it can be done safely, if no safe solution can be found that all stakeholders agree on, it won’t be done. Our commitment to maintaining a safe work environment will always be given priority over a customer’s request.

Oil and Gas Safety

It’s not a secret that oil and gas workers engage in numerous activities that expose them to hazards in their day-to-day work. Surface Solutions works with our teams at every level to identify, reduce, and eliminate oil and gas-related hazards, even if it affects the project timeline or budget. 

At Surface Solutions, we are responsible for creating worksites where our employees can perform their job without health hazards. Internal initiatives are the backbone of specialized components in our corporate operational systems, and every member of the Surface Solutions team are focused on sourcing ways to eliminate those potential health hazards.

These initiatives can look like monitoring workplace chemical exposure, evaluating exposure risk, and suggesting control of factors that may cause illness. Surface Solutions encourages our employees to suggest resolutions and take charge of their safety plans, make suggestions on increasing their protective equipment for safety when needed and require supervisors to sign off on anysafety procedures and action plans.

Safe is How We Work

Incidents associated with the failure of equipment or mechanical integrity can negatively impact worker safety and the environment. We have implemented comprehensive process safety practices at Surface Solutions to mitigate these risks and have vetted processes that ensure all past incidents are reviewed to inform future decisions further. Our teams take ownership of their personal safety, and the safety of the community as a whole. 

Safety is a core value at Surface Solutions, and the success of every activity we undertake is measured by our ability to execute work safely every time we do it. Our teams strive to ensure our work occurs without incident to our people, communities, and the environment daily. Our employees understand that quality, safety-focused work takes time, and cutting corners is unacceptable regardless of the additional cost or loss of efficiency. This gives Surface Solutions customers, suppliers, community partners, and stakeholders a strong belief and sense of trust in the work done by our employees.

Safe is just a part of the way a Surface Solutions team member works.

Clear Safety Expectations

Safety Solutions’ executive leadership team, including the CEO, are fully committed to supporting a safe worksite by providing employees with clear expectations around the following:

  • Ensuring executives, management, employees, and contractors comply with safety laws, regulations, codes, and standards in each jurisdiction we work in. 
  • Seeking ways to minimize the impact of our actions on the people, communities, and environment.
  • Integrating environment, health, and safety considerations into every step of our planning and decision-making.
  • Actively give back to the community and engage with them through collaboration, volunteering, or sponsorship.
  • Maintain a “Take Action” stance on every safety issue, perceived or actual, with abundant documentation and future learning. Every issue will be explored, assessed, and documented for future review and assessment to inform future decisions.
  • Prevent and mitigate potential hazards through an employee-led early hazard identification process.
  • Maintain a drug and alcohol-free workplace with regular, random testing and assistance with related programs when needed.
  • Promote a culture of accountability, behavior, and communication between peers and management. 
  • The right systems, processes, and controls are in place to ensure consistency, completeness, and reporting accuracy.

Health and Safety is Our Top Priority

Surface Solutions is responsible for creating worksites where our employees can perform their work without the risk of health hazards. Our teams take a proactive approach to eliminating potential health hazards found in the workplace and encourage feedback from our employees with their boots on the ground. Through our peer-shadowing initiative, our employees adopt different procedures or increase their protective equipment for safety before ever being exposed to a new task solo.

Any incidents associated with the failure of processes, equipment, or mechanical integrity can negatively impact worker safety and the environment, which is why we have implemented comprehensive process safety practices to mitigate these risks. At Surface Solutions, we’re committed to anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling workplace environmental health hazards that may cause illness or impair the well-being of our employees, contractors, or the community members who live or work near our operations.

Promoting Healthy Work Environments

We have developed a robust occupational health management program that promotes healthy work environments, protects employees’ health and well-being, and prevents occupational injuries and illnesses through our “Show Up Fit For Duty” policies, administering and following through with consequences when necessary.

At Surface Solutions, we believe all incidents and near-misses can be prevented. Our teams focus daily on making our worksites free of recognized hazards and our commitment to safety culture, environmental impact, protected and secure work sites, and regulatory performance is a key part of our corporate ethos.

If an incident occurs, regardless if it is minor or significant, it will be documented and a preventative procedure and action plan will be created to correct it. We use systems and processes to capture data that includes injuries and illness, spills, or near misses and help us to gain future insight from these events. The Surface Solutions teams analyze this data regularly to identify, analysis and communicate risks and best practices. 

We are also committed to enhancing psychological safety. For us, this means building a trusting and open environment where employees feel comfortable proactively identifying and elevating safety risks, free from judgment or negative consequences. Every team member and contractor is encouraged to bring forward actual or perceived safety issues to be documented and dealt with.

Our Certifications

We are committed to providing a safe & healthy work environment for all!